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Want to study about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies? Here’s your Chance

The hype about cryptocurrencies and blockchain has grabbed the attention of people from all folks of life and now students across the various universities are demanding courses related to Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology behind these cryptocurrencies for a better understanding of how it all works.

And universities have responded with students allowed to opt for courses that cover technical aspects of the blockchain like decentralized consensus, append-only ledgers, smart contracts, and zero-knowledge proof systems

Universities such as Cornell, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Maryland and MIT have welcomed the idea of crypto-related courses with open arms and have hoards of students lining up for admissions.

While some of the most popular universities are happy to incorporate these courses there are calls for more universities to do the same but universities aren’t alone.

Even individuals with deeper knowledge or prior experience of working on blockchain have taken up the mantle to educate the younger generation about it.

A business law professor from New York named David Yarmack has been teaching about Bitcoin for the last 4-5 years and only recently witnessed a surge in the number of students wherein one instance he had to move a larger hall as more number of students had signed up than expected.

What are universities offering students?

In a world where jobs are scarce, blockchain has provided a ray of hope with a surge in job vacancies but people with the required skills are few and far. To get the smart and bright minds interested in these course universities have offered a helping hand where need be by making Bitcoin an acceptable mode of payment.

Some universities are further offering scholarships in Bitcoin while some are willing to offer online courses for distant students

Both Stanford and Princeton offer online courses that cover a wide array of topics ranging from altcoins, consensus protocols, mining tips and tricks and cryptocurrency transactions.

Blockchain certainly looks like the future for businesses and individuals alike but adopting it on a large requires both skill and knowledge.

Universities have been shaping up future leaders and by incorporating Bitcoin and Blockchain into their curriculum they provide it the legitmacy and promotion it currently needs for mass adoption.

Are you looking to sign up for blockchain and Bitcoin course near your college? How do you think it will help the future of cryptocurrencies?

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