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Smarter Crypto Analytic Sites Help Traders Make Smarter Decisions

Remember the time when you’d ask about Bitcoin and people would go like what’s that? Nowadays everybody is a trader but trading isn’t as easy as it seems. To make the right decision you’ve got be smart and to help you be that smart analytical tools have significantly improved since the boom of 2017 and OnChainfx is one such site.

Any good trader is willing to dig deep and use any tool at his disposal to unearth the hidden treasures in the crypto world. Info on coins with a solid development team and whitepaper, ICO’s with the potential to 10x your investment are unlike previous years now just a click away.

What is OnChainfx

OnChainfx lets you compare the top cryptocurrencies based on some of the most advanced metrics such as 2050 market cap etc. and continues to come with more details to your decision making but that’s not all.


Hit a few checkboxes on the right column and you can also see stats like 24-hour transaction volume, number of transactions per day, NVT ratio, fees, and short-term ROI and with the filter system, you can focus on the metrics you most value.

The recent update of adding metrics related to Github Repos has been welcomed by traders as it allows them to focus on coins based on Github stars, watchers, commits, lines added, and lines removed. Before OnChainfx, Cryptomiso was the go-to place for traders to get valuable metrics but now there’s a lot of other good options coming up as well.

Other tools to keep an eye on

Live Coin Watch, often considered to be one of the best alternatives to Coin Market Cap stands out from the pack with its customizable layouts. With a hit of a button, you have an idea about which coins have been on the uptrend and downtrend. Compare this data with the coin’s GitHub activity or the price based on BTC and ting ting ting, you might have a winner.

Live Coin Watch

However, if you’re in for the long haul is another widely used tool (one for the dammm serious traders). For the newbie traders the interface can be confusing but once you get a hang of it, nothing compares to the knowledge it will help you gain (the site is worth putting in the extra hours).

While all of the mentioned tools here are helpful we at TokenRadar24 don’t want to you to stop at them. The process of learning is an ongoing one and with new more exciting tools and sites coming into the foray you’d want to continue to analyze, compare and experiment in order to make the most of the market situation.

What tool or site do you find the most accurate data on? How has your experience been using the above-mentioned sites?

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With over three years of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, Subhash decided to put his knowledge and experience in front of thousands of people though Tokenradar24. You can connect with Subhash on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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