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Leading by Example: Sierra Leone Becomes First Country to Vote Using Blockchain

While China and many of the so-called developed nations of the world are busy curbing the growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain with all the bans and restrictions a little known African country is leading the way.

Sierra Leone had its elections on 7th March 2018 but it wasn’t anything like previous years. It was the first time that a country had used the blockchain technology for voting purposes.

Sierra Leone Elections 2018
People line up outside polling booths

The blockchain based system was created by Leonardo Gammar of Agora. With its headquarters in Switzerland, Agora has become of the leading voting tech corporations around the world.

As 16 candidates eagerly awaited the results little did they know that behind the scenes it was the start of a revolution that will change the voting system forever.

More about the Technology Used

Using the decentralized nature of the blockchain tech Agora wants to make the voting system transparent. As voters cast their votes they were stored on the Agora blockchain which can be later viewed by any party for counting or verification purposes.

Leonardo Gammar
Leonardo Gammar on the right

According to Gammer, this voting method was used to build trust amongst the voters and candidates alike as the results will also be presented to the public.

He also went on to say that this was only a test module and that the company was in touch with other countries too that would be willing to adopt a similar approach in the future.

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