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Saifu Aims to Reduce Barriers for Easy Transition to Digital Currency

Saifu aims to reduce barriers for easy transition to digital currency

Yes, the booming prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and off late Ripple make investing attractive which has resulted in a surge of the number of traders, the volatility of the market makes it risky and leaves inexperienced traders prone to losses and that’s what Saifu is looking to capitalize on.

Whether you’re buying Bitcoin or Ethereum, as many would agree it isn’t as easily accessible as fiat currency.  There are a number of steps that go into making a purchase. First and foremost, you need to find a secure, easy to use and fast exchange such as Binance, Bittrex etc.

Next up, you’ll need to verify your ID and payment method in order to create an account and make transactions which often can be frustrating as its time-consuming. And lastly, be it a hardware or software you’ll need to find a good wallet to store your investment especially if you’re in it for the long haul.

Sounds hectic, right? Well for most new investors it can be a huge turn-off but with the around crypto not dying anytime soon there’s a need to reduce entry barriers so a wholesome adoption of decentralized digital currency can be someday realized

What is Saifu

Saifu acts as an exchange where you can purchase cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currency and operates more or less like a bank but no it isn’t really a bank. In exact words, it’s a licensed payment institution built on tools most online bank users would be familiar with and aims to make cryptocurrencies a part of the day to life by simplifying the buying/selling process.

Is it safe to use Saifu?

Saifu is being developed under the leadership of Evgeny Vigovsky. Vigovsky has been in the cybersecurity field for about 15 years with much time spent as the lead of the DDOS protection team at Kaspersky Lab.

Evgeny Vigovsky
Evgeny Vigovsky

Furthermore, Saifu has partnered with banking security giants Thales in order to develop a hybrid software and hardware, in order words, they’ll provide banking grade security to keep safe their user’s private keys and other data. Also, audits every once in a while ensure the work is up to date and no hanky panky stuff goes on behind closed doors.

Saifu ICO

In order to deliver the project as stated Saifu launched an ICO which is set to continue till the end of April and if you’re planning to make an investment now would be a good time as they are offering a 5% bonus.

Saifu ICO

Currently, 1 Saifu token is worth 0.001 BTC with open trading to begin as soon as the token sale ends. Visit Saifu’ s official website to participate in the token sale and know more about the project.


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