Now Send Bitcoin Cash Without Internet Using Cointext

Cointext, one of the first one of the first SMS based software wallets recently announced the beta release of its service which will allow users to send Bitcoin Cash without any internet connectivity. It’s can be done using the SMS feature and the beta release is up for tests in the US, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, and the UK.

No Internet Needed for BCH Transactions

Got no internet connection? Well if you’re looking to trade using Bitcoin Cash you might just be in luck. BCH transaction can be done using SMS (remember that text message feature on your mobile that What’s App seemingly killed?).

Cointext BCH

Speaking to the media about their beta launch here’s what the co-founder and CTO of Cointext, Vir Armani had to say.

“Cointext is the easiest and most powerful way to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash because it works with any type of mobile phone and you don’t need any knowledge of cryptocurrency to use it,”

How it Works

Cointext doesn’t need a download or registration of any kind nor do you need a fancy new phone. Simply text Cointext or have someone transfer BCH using Cointext and your wallet is ready for use.

You can use iPhone’s Cointext wallet and send BCH to a Cointext Wallet on an old Nokia mobile too within minutes with the same reliability and security that other wallets offer.


The platform has already been tested before through a private testing for which more than 2000 people had signed up for. Also as a gift for the donations granted by the BCH community, Cointext has decided to distribute free Bitcoin Cash tokens.

To grab the giveaway of 0.5 BCH tokens all you need to do is SMS the word CASH to the company’s access number but hurry up as supply is limited.

You can learn about sending, receiving BCH using Cointext here.

Tapping into the Billions of Crypto Fanatics

Cointext doesn’t hold any of the currencies with transactions taking place on-chain. Also, funds cannot be recovered in case you lose your number while fee for each transaction is 0.05 cents and changes under no circumstances.

Once the beta trial is in full force valuable feedback will be collected from the users and once the platform is fully operational it can be used in 54 different countries.

If the BCH experiment works, Cointext aims to tap into the billions of crypto traders buy launching similar services for more currencies.

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