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Legitimizing Cannabis: Here’s How Budbo is using Blockchain Technology for it

How Budbo is using Blockchain Technology to legitimize cannabis

Blockchain technology has become increasingly popular in the recent times and has a lot of potential to transform a large number of existing organizations, including communication and transportation. However, this is not just restricted to conventional fields anymore.

Medical and Cannabis Industry is one such section in which Budbo has started utilizing the blockchain technology to validate the cannabis sector.

What is Budbo?

Budbo is an application in which the users swipe left or right for different cannabis strains allowing the application to pull a preference data so that the user can find the location of the various dispensaries which stocks the cannabis strain which is preferred by them.

This is an amazing idea which has already gathered a lot of users, around 7,500 being the last tallied count. However, this application is more than a cannabis preference and location app.

Budbo Team
Budbo Team

Budbo is attempting to implement the blockchain technology in order to hurry the utilization of cannabis as a valid medication in front of the general public and is slowly succeeding in its mission.

Data in Budbo

We all know that data is the most important part of any application today and with the help of blockchain technology, the storing and implementation of data is slowly transforming into something unique and entirely different.

Budbo has already recognized this and is trying to exploit blockchain applications to collect and manipulate data for the cannabis sector as well. When users interact with Budbo application, the app collects their cannabis preferences and user’s experience with the different dispensary locations and stores this data on the Budbo blockchain. This data can then be accessed by different companies and parties to gather the information that they need to make various decisions for Budbo.

Examples: Dispensaries can try to use the stored data on Budbo blockchain to understand the needs of the customers in their vicinity and then make the necessary inventory purchasing decisions to benefit from this information.

Another example would be a person who is affected by PSTD and wants to know the most effective cannabis strain for his situation. In this case, he can go to the Budbo application to gather more information about it by looking at other user’s experience in the same scenario who logged it on the Budbo blockchain to help out others.

Can the Cannabis Industry be Legitimized?

The cannabis industry is an unconventional sector and a shady industry for many people because it is related to criminal use. However, with the help of blockchain technology, Budbo has the chance to make this industry transparent and open so that it is not associated with criminalization anymore.

What is the Budbo Token  

To access the data on the Budbo application, one needs to use BUBO token which is the utility token for Budbo. Although the amount of BUBO differs for different scenarios, the transaction remains simple all across the application, users get data and information in exchange for BUBO tokens.


Currently, a token sale is ongoing with a cap of 170 million tokens which is available to the users. As more users use Budbo blockchain for getting data, the demands for tokens will further increase. BUBO tokens will be available for exchange once the crowd sale is closed down which is scheduled for 5th March or completely sold out.

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